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Strategic Global Human Development

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Human Diversity

Global human development cannot be isolated solely within a procedural context steeped in economic idealism. An appreciative perspective must be acquired for humanity’s vast ethnic and cultural diversity, its gender assignations, its social heritages, its religious affiliations, its creative dynamisms, and for its individual and collective spiritual vitality; important elements inherent to its very existence. These elements must be challenged through positive, collaborative, and insightful methodologies to bring about creative and unified decision-making, that when acted upon will achieve tangible results.

Strategic Initiative

Social and economic sustainability is not solely dependent upon advancing technologies. Progressive and lasting change comes about from acquiring qualities and attitudes that foster creative and cooperative endeavors in human behavior. When these elements are combined with spiritual perception and empathic consciousness, ‘best value’ starts to emerge. This is a foundation requirement for creating sustainable pathways over extended time-horizons; and within a global context, is primary in the psychic development of a collective human will. The resulting quality in human performance will then be better able to spearhead those sustainable pathways required to achieve social and economic viability over the long-term.

Purpose, Mission, Objective

Forum Format Approach

Who We Are

We are a global human development consultancy, utilizing a forum format, whose primary aim is to foster innovative approaches for the creation of sustainable pathways in human behavior.


We accept the requirement to assist in finding solutions to humanity’s problems through current learning, creative means, practical approaches, and maintaining a spiritual perspective. This allows clarity of thought and the freedom to pursue unbiased approaches to decision-making prior to devising and implementing corrective criteria.


Our mission is to encourage a stance of moral leadership by personal example, promote justice as primary and adherence to law in all undertakings, and partner to initiate ethical performance criteria in systems of governance.


Our objective is to organize and expand cartels of dedicated service-minded individuals from across humanity's vast and diverse spectrums, to partner with them in utilizing talents and creative abilities to devise proactive means to challenge that which threatens mankind's viability.

Leadership, Law and Governance

Strategic Trilateral Framework


Leadership, law and governance are core elements that form the philosophical base and support framework guiding our endeavors.  Leadership is fused with a moral component, adherence to law for social stability remains a given, and the embodiment of ethical performance criteria into systems of governance becomes a functional norm.  These three luminaries, once entwined, function as a single unit to provide a mandate for justice in all undertakings.  They are synergistically capable of relieving much of the burden under which humanity struggles.


Leadership, law and governance are extremely complex and often controversial elements, but are necessary for conveyance of justice in human society.  Problems arise when these elements function non-synchronously, falling far short of optimum performance.  Anything less than optimum may prove detrimental to justice, and justice should never be at placed at risk.

Collaborative Decision-making

Diverse resources


Prallagon employs collaborative decision-making, a collective and unified process designed to plan for implementation creative solutions to establish sustainable pathways for human development within and across all boundaries.  This experience is unleashed in decision-making venues and operates within and among specified groupings: cultures, ethnics, gender, social platforms, religious institutions and international arenas, among others.


The knowledge and technology that exist today is fundamental to how we view the world.  Our teams consist of diverse practitioners who are effective innovators experienced in collaborative decision-making processes, and in a variety of venues.  The challenge to them is how to harness for maximum benefit those inherent qualities of human nature contained in such vast, diverse and immensely complex resource.  We strive to provide the tools, support channels, and collaborative venues required to allow those seriously interested to become contributors to promote effective global human development.

Social and Economic Initiatives

Pathways For Sustainable Achievements


Through our consulting and advisory services we create impetus for planning and implementing social and economic development initiatives which eventually evolve into viable programs with permanent administrative and support structures. We foster strong desire for social and economic change, and instill confidence in stakeholders that it can be achieved.


Social and economic change does not simply result from an acquisition of technical skills.  Lasting change comes about from acquiring qualities and attitudes that foster creative patterns for cooperative interaction in human behavior that result in superior performance. Best value is conditional upon the acquisition of spiritual perception and empathic awareness.  Achieving sustainable pathways requires fusing these elements as inseparable components of human will.  Material advancement can then realized. Google+

Our Culture

We operate within a collaborative culture where dedicated servants from diverse backgrounds come together to resolve difficult challenges facing today’s global decision makers.

Our Perspective

Global pursuit of sustainable achievements through justice and sacrificial endeavors based in leadership, law and governance.