A Strategic Global Human Development Initiative

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Being passionate about initiating strategies to sustain humanity’s progressive development, we remain unrelenting in our efforts to devise just and innovative approaches to advance social and economic opportunities.

We are a highly regarded consulting firm uniquely positioned to engage planning, policy and program initiation to advance global human development.  We devise strategies to stimulate change by challenging behavior patterns in ways that pursue sustainable outcomes. Our advisory services bring unparalleled strategic thinking and real world experience to bear on difficult situations that require skilled problem solving capability.

Strategic Initiative

Inherent to this process is our Strategic Global Human Development Initiative, the primary instrument and support framework that guides our endeavors.  It delineates those skill-sets needed to place in effect just and equitable approaches to human development in a globalized world.

Human Diversity

Global human development cannot be isolated solely within a procedural context steeped in economic idealism. An appreciative perspective must be given to humanity’s vast ethnic and cultural diversity, its gender assignation, its social and religious heritage, its creative dynamism and spiritual vitality; important elements that makeup humanity’s existence.  These must be challenged through collaborative and insightful methodologies to bring about unified decision-making, that when implemented will achieve tangible results.  This process provides assurance that policy and planning venues have the optimum chance to succeed.


Planning, Policy and Program Implementation

Global human development strategy

Key Drivers

Key drivers and analytical tools are placed from policy conception through program implementation into the final review stage. They include risk management, leadership accountability, adherence to law, ethics in governance, stakeholder security, and resource availability.


The purpose of planning is to help achieve sustainable outcomes.  Sustainability is about making economic, environmental, individual (personal) and social progress for current and future generations.  Our overall planning strategy for policy and program implementation is designed to bring this about.


Policy is a statement of intent, a principle or protocol to guide decisions and achieve rational outcomes.  It is implemented as a procedure.  We advise on elements inclusive to policy and supported by econometrics and operational objectives.  We address stakeholder concerns, advise on public affairs, and delineate administrative and managerial requirements.


To obtain the greatest positive effect, policy and planning is a creative process that must include input from diverse peoples and their communities.  Being those most affected, their involvement is of utmost importance.  They are better able to identify favorable practices, as well as those best avoided when implementing procedures that translate policy into reality.  Collaborative decision-making is an important tool in this process as it helps to ensure successful outcomes.

Leadership, Law and Governance

Strategic alliance


Leadership, law and governance are core elements that form the philosophical base and support frameworks guiding our endeavors.  Leadership is fused with a moral component, adherence to law for social stability remains a given, and the embodiment of ethical performance criteria into systems of governance becomes the functional norm.  These three luminaries, once entwined, function as a single unit to provide a mandate for justice in all undertakings.  They are synergistically capable of relieving much of the burden under which humanity struggles.


Leadership, law and governance are extremely complex and often controversial elements, but are necessary for conveyance of justice in human society.  Problems arise when these elements function non-synchronously, falling far short of optimum.  Anything less than optimum may prove detrimental to justice, and justice should never be at placed at risk.

Collaborative Decision-making

Diverse resources


We make inclusive as participants to in-group discussions, stakeholders from a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds.  Everyone is required to present their ideas and immediately release them from ownership, practical means for viable collaborative decision-making to realize quality results.


Prallagon employs collaborative decision-making as a collective and unified response to achieve sustainable pathways in human development across all boundaries.  Collaborative potential is unleashed in decision-making venues operating within specific groupings: cultures, ethics, social and religious institutions, and international and business arenas.


Our teams consist of diverse practitioners and effective innovators experienced in employing collaborative decision-making processes.  As a primary element and as our base, the challenge, as we see it, is how to harness for maximum benefit the inherent qualities of such a vast and complex resource.  The knowledge and technology exists today to fundamentally change how we view the world in which we live.  Therefore, we’re striving to construct the tools and provide channels for almost everyone to be a contributor to global human development.


Social and Economic Initiatives

Development pathways


Through our consulting and advisory services we create impetus for planning and implementing social and economic development initiatives which eventually evolve into viable programs with permanent administrative and support structures. We foster strong desire for social and economic change, and instill confidence in stakeholders that it can be achieved.


Social and economic change does not simply result from an acquisition of technical skills.  Lasting change comes about from acquiring qualities and attitudes that foster creative patterns for cooperative interaction in human behavior that result in superior performance. Best value is conditional upon the acquisition of spiritual perception and empathic awareness.  Achieving sustainable pathways requires fusing these elements as inseparable components of human will.  Material advancement can then realized. Google+

Our Culture

We operate within a collaborative culture where dedicated servants from diverse backgrounds come together to resolve difficult challenges facing today’s global decision makers.

Our Perspective

Global pursuit of sustainable achievements through justice and sacrificial endeavors based in leadership, law and governance.