Challenging Perspectives

Human nature is a formidable opponent

but remains receptive to enlightenment


Collective Effort

People of the world, individually and collectively,

willfully work towards their own development


Common Good

Spiritual principle intertwined

with human dignity and solidarity


Unity in Diversity

Galvanizing the best resources

a diverse humanity has to offer


Empathic Consciousness

Ability to understand and share the

feelings of others within the global context


Pursuit of Justice

Justice is the indomitable tool that builds

and safeguards unity and happiness


Oneness of Humankind

Fundamental principle that refers

to the reality of the human species

Entity of One

Our Motto

Sustainable Achievements Through

Justice and Sacrificial Endeavours

Strategic Methodologies for Global Human Development

Challenging people’s ability, both individually and collectively, to pursue those values that ensure sustainable attainments

Human Diversity

Global human development cannot be isolated with parameters based solely on economic idealism. An appreciative perspective must be acquired for humanity’s vast ethnic and cultural diversity, its gender assignations, its social heritages, its religious affiliations, and for the creative and spiritual dynamism inherent in each individual.  These are base elements that define humankind's existence, establish identity, and ultimately manifest its collective reality. They must be challenged through positive, collaborative and insightful methodologies to promote justice through unified decision-making that when acted upon will achieve sustainable results.

Best Value

In reality, social and economic sustainability is not dependent upon advancing technologies. Positive and progressive achievements in social and economic arenas will happen once those qualities and attitudes that foster creative and cooperative endeavors are manifested in human behavior.  Once empathetic consciousness becomes part of the equation a ‘best value’ experience is realized. This foundational requirement will assist in creating sustainable pathways over extended time-horizons; and within the context of an evolving global community is primary in fostering a collective will.  It is a system that stimulates quality of human performance in ways that guarantees social and economic viability, and is integral to our global human development initiative.

Purpose, Mission and Objectives

Implementing crucial criteria to achieve social and economic viability


We are development specialists whose primary aim is to assist in building strategic capability to achieve sustainable pathways in global human development.


We propose solutions to humanity’s problems based on research, experience, learning, creative endeavors, and practical approaches grounded in spiritual principle and moral intent. Through clarity of thought, freedom of expression and an unbiased approach to decision-making we plan, formulate policy, and implement sustainable criteria to help foster global human development.


Our mission is to encourage a stance of moral leadership by personal example, promote justice as primary in all undertakings, support adherence to law to advance social stability, and partner to integrate ethical performance criteria into systems of governance.


We recruit and organize ever expanding cartels of experienced and dedicated service-minded individuals to devise and employ those methodologies best suited for proactive response to challenges threatening humankind's ability to achieve sustainable goals.

Global Requirement

Moral values and spiritual principles grounded in a ‘one-world’ identity

Spiritual Vision

Spiritual vision is original and determines human ability to successfully think and plan ways to reduce human ignorance and suffering.

As an agent for change, spirituality combined with moral inclusiveness challenges one to consider current and future global needs.

It stimulates imagination, mandates acquisition of true knowledge, and enlists volition to pursue those objectives that will ensure human prosperity.

Spirituality brings purpose and meaning to life and calls humanity to service.








Partnerships cannot achieve their full potential unless they embrace respect for culture identities and values systems in different parts of the world, of utmost importance in ant attempt to manage cultural diversity in the global environment.

To avoid ineffective alliances, we must create significant and sustainable partnerships based on values inherent in humanity’s spiritual commonality, this entity of one is strategically designed and effectively created to release mutually supported criteria to secure enduring partnerships.


Implementing innovative global human development strategy means meeting those challenges that afford opportunity to secure sustainable actions on a number of dimensions.

Key to this strategy is the potential for humanity to acquire collective will that embody common interest.

Prallagon seeks to advance knowledge of how to equitably advance the functions of collective will as the “global innovation system” for sustainable achievement.


Human Capital

Prallagon is committed to developing the most highly qualified, capable, and flexible workforce as a cornerstone of global human development transformation. The goals of the Human Capital Plan (HCP) directly support our principles, values, vision, goals and objectives. It treats our people as our greatest asset.


HCP is an important tool that we use to focus on those activities that can ensure goal achievement in global human development. It allows us to assess, plan, and respond proactively respond to internal challenges and external needs. It helps shape our basic framework by outlining a plan of action to develop the workforce and practices required for mission accomplishment.



Problem solving imbues methods grounded in basic principals:

Moral Persuasion Universal Education Interconnectedness Human Endowment

Strategic global human development is achieved through conveyance of justice, the primary equalizer and ultimate grantor for sustainable achievements.



Prallagon integrates state-of-the-art research with training and experience to enhance collaborative the experience for quality planning and decision-making.

Our objective is to design for implementation those tools able to support integrative consensus and devise effective means to achieve human prosperity.

Bridging the gap between where we are now and where we want to be in the future is inclusive to stakeholder interests and Prallagon objectives.


Leadership, Law and Governance

Trilateral framework designed to alleviate socio-economic burdens


Leadership, law and governance are core elements that form the philosophical base and support framework guiding our endeavors.  Leadership is fused with a moral component, adherence to law for social stability remains a given, and the embodiment of ethical performance criteria into systems of governance becomes a functional norm.  These three luminaries, once entwined, function as a single unit to provide a mandate for justice in all undertakings.  They are synergistically capable of relieving much of the burden under which humanity struggles.


Leadership, law and governance are extremely complex and often controversial elements.  However, they are necessary for conveyance of justice in human society.  Problems arise when these elements function non-synchronously, falling far short of optimum performance.  Anything less than optimum may prove detrimental to justice, and justice should never be at placed at risk.


Free, frank and open dialogue to advance stakeholder interests


Consensus building requires mediation where parties may be involved in a complex dispute or conflict that has multiple and often conflicting issues. It's a challenging process often requiring empathic approaches in order to bring about a deeper change in the hearts and minds of disputants. Successful consensus building is based on an expressed spiritual reality of humanity's oneness, a principle that enable us to adopt approaches to problem solving that are unifying rather than divisive. It requires open, free and frank discussion where collaborative decision-making is a group responsibility and where personal ownership of ideas or decisions are inappropriate. Consensus is reached when everyone unanimously agree with that being proposed after every effort was made to reconcile the interests of all stake-holding parties. Through this process enduring social change is made possible.

Building Capacity

Providing tools, methodology and support networks to heighten collective capacity


Prallagon engages individuals and groups in collective and unified efforts to plan, designed and implement viable alternatives able to create and support sustainable pathways for humanity's progressive development. This capacity building experience is unleashed through collaborative decision-making operating within, among and across all platforms be they ethnic, social, economic or cultural.


Scientific accomplishments and current technologies may influence how we view the world but the primary challenge is how to harness for maximum effectiveness those inherent qualities existing within this vast, diverse and complex resource known collectively as the human species.  We strive to provide the tools, support channels, and collaborative venues necessary to develop individual, group and collective capacity effective for global human development.

Strategic Pathways

Goals and objectives achieved through knowledge, volition and action


Our collaborative and advisory service creates impetus for planning and implementing social and economic initiatives that evolve into viable development programs supported by permanent administrative structures. We generate strong desire for social and economic change, globally, and strive to instill confidence in all stakeholders that it can be achieved.


Social and economic change does not simply result from the acquisition of technical skills.  Lasting change comes about from acquiring qualities and attitudes that foster creative patterns for cooperative human interaction, a process that results in superior performance for all stakeholders. Best value is derived from an acquisition of spiritual values, perceptual awareness, and empathic consciousness.  Achieving sustainable pathways requires fusing these inseparable components as base operatives designed to strengthen human will.  Social and economic advancement can then be achieved.

Emergent Global Ethos

Worldwide there are forces stressing humanity’s social and economic fabrics in ways that reveal evidence of an emergent global ethos. It’s being driven by the need for ethical considerations, moral persuasiveness and justice in all undertakings. It also demands an infusion of spiritual insight to guide this process. As it progresses there is increased demand for fair play both within and across humanity’s diverse, complex and often troublesome divides. Over extended time-horizons its intensity will generate paradigmatic shifts that ultimately bring into being those ethnical platforms of governance able to guarantee the public welfare.


An emergent global ethos needs a moral compass to guide it toward achieving sustainable goals and objectives, an effort requiring the pursuit of justice through sacrificial endeavors.


We operate within collaborative venues where dedicated servants from diverse backgrounds come together to resolve difficult challenges facing today’s global decision-makers.


Our objective is to assist in fostering dynamics that pioneer strategic paradigms in leadership, law and governance to maximize positive directional changes in human affairs.

"Sustainable Achievements Through Justice and Sacrificial Endeavours"

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