Demonstrate moral leadership in all endeavors, promote adherence to law to maintain order and stabilize human affairs, strive for justice in all undertakings, and partner to integrate ethical performance criteria into systems of governance. 


To provide strategic and effective means for global human development through combined effort of leadership, law and governance.


To organize within and across humanity's vast and diverse spectrum ever expanding collectives of service minded individuals committed to proactive response to global challenges.


We work for paradigmatic change to make life active, meaningful, stimulating and prosperous by fostering global human development that embodies the collective participation of a diverse humanity.  They utilize their unique backgrounds, experiences and perspectives in collaborative interchange to devise innovative plans that are of mutual benefit for all.   Mission Philosophy > >


Human nature is a formidable opponent

but remains receptive to enlightenment.




People of the world united in sustained and

collective effort to achieve global prosperity.




Spiritual principle that intertwines

human dignity and solidarity.




Galvanizing those latent talents and creative

abilities inherent to humankind's vast diversity.




The ability to understand and share

the feelings of others, globally.




The indomitable tool that builds

and safeguards unity and happiness.




The guiding principle that expresses the

fundamental reality of the human species.




Lofty aspirations wedded

to sustainable strategies.




Sustainable achievements through

justice and sacrificial endeavors.



The pressing need and ultimate requirement.


Strategic Methodologies for Global Human Development

Placing for deployment vital resources that agitate for paradigmatic shifts in mankind's thinking.



Global human development cannot be isolated within parameters based solely on economic idealisms. Orthodox growth models postulate an unsustainable trajectory. Realizing sustainable futures is, fundamentally, an activity based on spiritual principles and the acquisition of moral values as means to initiate positive directional change in human affairs. In proactive stance this means that we are required to think and act quite differently, to rethink the fundamentals associated with human development and devise new strategies, models and creative methodologies that will guarantee global prosperity.


Prallagon aims to transform how we think, make objective assessments—provide evidence and reasoning on which quality decisions are based—and build awareness of cultural diversity, values, principles and social skills at our disposal to make it all happen.  Positive and progressive achievements will come about through debate, dialogue and innovation driven by diverse opinion—precursor to the acquisition of qualities and attitudes that foster creative and cooperative endeavors.  A best value experience is dependent upon fostering a collective will, an integral player in global human development that stimulates quality of performance to achieve social and economic viability.


Proactive Response

To achieve social and economic viability.



Our purpose is to reevaluate the way we think about achieving human prosperity. We propose solutions to global challenges through evidence-based research, education, spiritual principles, dialogue and values-inclusive experience. We focus on resolving real-world problems as means to ensure the progressive prosperity of an evolving global community.


Our mission is to encourage a stance of moral leadership by personal example, promote justice as primary in all undertakings, support adherence to law to advance social stability, and partner to integrate ethical performance criteria into systems of governance.


We bring together the research, education, knowledge, expertise and experience of people—stakeholders, laypersons, academics and development practitioners, among others—to contribute to the discourse: ‘The strategic importance of leadership, law and governance in global human development’.  We organize ever expanding cartels of dedicated service-minded individuals to devise for deployment those methodologies best suited for proactive response to challenges threatening humanity's ability to achieve sustainable futures.

Trilateral Framework

Leadership, law and governance are prime enablers.



Leadership, law and governance are core elements that form the philosophical base and support framework guiding our endeavors.  Leadership is fused with a moral component, adherence to law for social stability remains a given, and the embodiment of ethical performance criteria into systems of governance becomes a functional norm.  These three luminaries, once entwined, function as a single unit to provide a mandate for justice in all undertakings.  They are synergistically capable of relieving much of the burden under which humanity struggles.


Leadership, law and governance are extremely complex and often controversial elements.  However, they are necessary for conveyance of justice in human society.  Problems arise when these elements function non-synchronously, falling far short of optimum performance.  Anything less than optimum may prove detrimental to justice, and justice should never be at placed at risk.

Foster Consensus

Unified commitment to solve global challenges.



Building consensus requires objective collaborative effort through values-based experience to resolve disputes often replete with complex multifaceted issues. It is a challenging undertaking that may require adopting an empathic approach to gain the hearts and minds of disputants. Successful consensus building is based in the reality of the oneness of humankind, the guiding principle that enable us to adopt approaches to problem solving that are unifying rather than divisive. It requires free, frank and open discussion for collaborative decision-making where individual ideas are challenged by group authority to be dissected and condensed to viable solutions. It is a process in which individual ownership becomes nonexistent. Consensus is reached when everyone unanimously agree to that being proposed. Every effort is made to reconcile diverse interests and achieve the ultimate objective.

Building Capacity

Enhancing individual and collective capacity.



Prallagon engages individuals and groups in unified effort to plan, designed and implement viable alternatives to achieve global prosperity based on the creation of sustainable pathways in human behavior. This capacity building experience is developed and unleashed through collaborative decision-making, a process inclusive to all human platforms, be they ethnic, religious, social, economic or cultural in nature.


Scientific accomplishments and current technologies strongly influence our view of the world. However, our primary concern is how to harness for maximum effectiveness those inherent qualities existing within the vast, diverse and complex resource known collectively as humanity (Homo sapiens). We strive to provide the tools, support networks and collaborative venues necessary to develop individual, group and collective capacity for effective reevaluate of the way we think about achieving human prosperity. Reevaluate the way we think about prosperity will help us in achieving prosperous communities that are socially inclusive, equitable and sustainable.

Sustainable Pathways

Phased-in approach to achieve global prosperity.



Change can be brutal. At times it may seem impossible. Why is it so difficult for the human species to voluntarily change behavior patterns even when presented with supporting evidence that it is in its best interest to do so? A human, unlike the animals, possesses self-awareness and abilities associated with rational thought and creative thinking. However, once indoctrinated and conditioned by various social forces replete with myths and prejudicial interpretations, human beings acquire habits, often based on assumed truths, that lessens its creative awareness and desire to search for truth. As a result, it lazily lounges in a self-perpetuated comfort-zone of ignorance. Why else, then, would humans, a nobly created species, allow itself to perform illogical and irresponsible actions that, without doubt, endangers its advancement?


Social and economic change does not simply result from the acquisition of technical skills.  Lasting change comes about from acquiring qualities and attitudes that foster creative patterns for cooperative human interaction, a process that results in superior performance for all stakeholders. Best value is derived from the acquisition of spiritual values, perceptual awareness, and empathic consciousness.  Achieving sustainable pathways requires fusing these inseparable components as base operatives to strengthen a collective human will.  Social and economic reforms can then be achieved.


Stressing Humanity’s Social and Economic Fabrics


The intensity of worldwide forces now stressing social and economic fabrics has created a global crisis that highlights the need for justice and fair play within and across humanity’s vastly diverse, extremely complex, and often conflicting divides. The resulting emerging global ethos requires the guidance of moral and incisive leadership to create those sustaining social and economic frameworks necessary to regulate human affairs and guarantee the public welfare.





  • Developing servant leaders
  • Personal transformation
  • Mission and purpose through collective will
  • Reshaping societal goals and objectives


We believe there is a link between what is taught and how it influences understanding of real world issues.  Education is essential for a level playing field.



Change can be brutal and may seem impossible. Changing behavior of the human species is challenging, even when evidence suggests that it’s in our best interest to do so.


We address the need for personal commitment to serve humanity



Our objective is to assist in fostering those dynamics able to pioneer strategic paradigms based in leadership, law and governance.



We operate collaborative venues for dedicated servants from diverse backgrounds to come together to resolve difficult challenges.



An emergent global ethos needs a moral compass to guide it toward achieving sustainable objectives, an effort requiring viable leadership.


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