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Your Ideas Are Important!

Finding solutions to problems that are plaguing humanity.


Paradigmatic shifts in our thinking is required.

Prallagon Collective is dedicated to the mission of creating
positive global environments where human diversity flourish.


We represent the collective effort of many aspirants whose work support our primary mission to devise, create and promote sustainable pathways to map humanity’s transition in an evolving and often traumatic global environment.

Our enduring theme is the Oneness of Mankind. It is the core principle that identifies the reality and nobleness of the human species, and guides all our endeavors.

Our specialty is in organizing and facilitating collaborative venues where participants from humanity’s diverse-many consult on issues impacting mankind’s efforts to achieve sustainable futures.

We encourage a wide range of opinions on matters of importance because those greatly affected, the unheard, often provide most viable solutions.

We emphasize a trilateral approach to spearhead humanity’s advance to maturity—Leadership, Law and Governance; leadership is wed to a moral component, law once free of nefarious underpinnings stabilizes society and supports human progress, and the integration of ethical performance criteria into systems of governance.

Our objective is to create a unique and usable ‘Body of Knowledge’ to be used as an online resource dedicated to the organic growth and transition of human society.

As a constantly evolving resource it will provide broader depth of knowledge to reflect current needs and emerging practices to strategically influence global human development platforms.


We are an independent organization that provides strategic approaches to global human development. Our work is based on principles associated with Leadership, Law and Governance—a ‘trilateral’ framework for creating sustainable pathways to secure progressive futures.


We learn from each other to support the overall parallel objective/Advance global human development. Its a dependent process that thrives on collective effort.

"A candle looses none of its light by lighting another." ~Jalāl Rūmī


Our purpose is to reevaluate the way we think about humanity. We propose solutions to global challenges through evidence-based research, education, spiritual principles, dialogue and values-inclusive experience. The focus on resolving real-world problems as means to ensure the stability and progressive prosperity of an evolving global community.

Proactive Response

To achieve social and economic viability.


~ Devise strategic approaches to global human development based in moral, spiritual and ethical criteria.

~ Plan social and economic agendas inclusive of moral leadership, stabilizing principles of law, and the integration of ethical performance criteria into systems of governance.

~ Foster innovative practices in human behavior that manifest as viable pathways in performance.

~ Promote justice in all undertakings to guarantee the public welfare.

~ Champion the inclusion of human diversity in planning and decision-making, as it is mankind’s most vital resource and upon whose shoulders the burden of performance is borne.


Our ultimate goal is to create a body of knowledge as bases for field experience to strategically address issues that relate to the impact of a globalizing world on human populations, and the aftermath of its attendant ethos.

Trilateral Framework

Leadership, law and governance are prime enablers.



Our efforts will require innovative thinking, creative ideas, unbiased opinions, objective assessments, honesty and practical experience. It must be diversity inclusive and involve people from all walks of life, the skilled and unskilled, the layperson and the professional, the educated and the non-educated, alike.


Spiritual commonality is humanity's primary cohesive element. It is the uncompromising creative force that stimulates moral intent and drives ethical performance. It is bedrock upon which humanity’s security ultimately depends.


The success of our mission is dependent on you, because you are someone who is deeply concerned about the long-term welfare of humanity. You are thoughtful, talented and creative, and harbor a deep thirst for knowledge and self-expression. Join with us in this endeavor, to know that the contributions you make will be long lasting and deeply appreciated.


Prallagon provides means for aspirants to share their ideas through its secure online collaborative system. Members are given opportunity to do research, engage individual and group exchange, and take part in video conferencing. Others: email, publish, monitor, chat, blog, social networking, and more. Therefore, We provide a medium for exchanging ideas, to discuss and collaborate, to advise and consult, to engage problem solving and provide innovative solutions to problems shackle humanity's progress.

Creating Consensus

Unified commitment to solve global challenges.


Creating consensus requires objective collaborative through values-based experience to resolve disputes often replete with complex and multifaceted issues. It is a challenging undertaking that may require adopting an empathic approach to gain the hearts and minds of disputants. Successful consensus building is based in the reality of the oneness of humankind, the guiding principle that enable us to adopt approaches to problem solving that are unifying rather than divisive. It requires free, frank and open discussion for collaborative decision-making where individual ideas are challenged by group authority to be dissected and condensed to viable solutions. It is a process in which individual ownership becomes nonexistent. Consensus is reached when everyone unanimously agree to that being proposed. Every effort is made to reconcile diverse interests and achieve the ultimate objective.

'Sustainable Achievements Through Justice and Sacrifical Endeavors'


Building Capacity

Enhancing individual and collective capacity.



Prallagon engages individuals and groups in unified effort to plan, designed and implement viable alternatives to achieve global prosperity based on the creation of sustainable pathways in human behavior. This capacity building experience is developed and unleashed through collaborative decision-making, a process inclusive to all human platforms, be they ethnic, religious, social, economic or of a cultural nature.


Scientific accomplishments and current technologies strongly influence our view of the world. However, our primary concern must be to finds ways to harness for maximum effectiveness those inherent qualities existing within the vast, diverse and complex resource known collectively as humanity (Homo sapiens). We strive to provide those tools, support networks, and collaborative venues necessary to assist in building collective capacity.  This requires us to reevaluating the way we think about humanity and the process required to galvanize collective will.  This will do much to help us achieve communities that are prosperous, socially and diversity inclusive, equitable, and sustainable.

Sustainable Pathways

Phased-in approach to achieve global prosperity.



Change can be brutal. At times it may seem impossible. Why is it so difficult for the human species to voluntarily change behavior patterns even when presented with supporting evidence that it is in its best interest to do so? A human, unlike the animals, possesses self-awareness and abilities associated with rational thought and creative thinking. However, once indoctrinated and conditioned by various social forces replete with myths and prejudicial interpretations, human beings acquire habits, often based on assumed truths, that lessens its creative awareness and desire to search for truth. As a result, it lazily lounges in a self-perpetuated comfort-zone of ignorance. Why else, then, would humans, a nobly created species, allow itself to perform illogical and irresponsible actions that, without doubt, endangers its advancement?


Social and economic change does not simply result from the acquisition of technical skills.  Lasting change comes about from acquiring qualities and attitudes that foster creative patterns for cooperative human interaction, a process that results in superior performance for all stakeholders. Best value is derived from the acquisition of spiritual values, perceptual awareness, and empathic consciousness.  Achieving sustainable pathways requires fusing these inseparable components as base operatives to strengthen a collective human will.  Social and economic reforms can then be achieved.

Emergent Global Ethos

Stressing Humanity’s Social and Economic Fabrics.


The intensity of worldwide forces now stressing social and economic fabrics has created a global crisis that highlights the need for justice and fair play within and across humanity’s vastly diverse, extremely complex, and often conflicting divides. The resulting emerging global ethos requires the guidance of moral and incisive leadership to create those sustaining social and economic frameworks necessary to regulate human affairs and guarantee the public welfare.


"New Age values are conscious evolution, a non-sectarian society, a non-military culture, global sharing, healing the environment, sustainable economies, self-determination, social justice, economic empowerment of the poor, love, compassion in action, going beyond religious fundamentalism, going beyond nationalism-extreme nationalism, culture." ~Deepak Chopra


Your ideas are very important to help map mankind's future.

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